Development of our products

The relationship between the local environment and plant responses is a complex one. The products at Extenday have been developed scientifically and incorporate technologies that target specific plant responses. We have carried out extensive research and development of all our products before commercial release using in-house expertise. Our technical team has expertise in plant and fruit physiology, materials science and horticultural science. Combining our technical knowledge and some creativity we have developed truly innovative products that make a real difference to plant performance.

Field trials

To validate our products we have established an extensive field trial programme where we use independent research providers to conduct trials with specific fruit varieties to quantify improvements in fruit production and quality. The first field trials were initiated over fifteen years ago and we have developed relationships with some of the leading research organizations across the globe. Research partners who work with Extenday include:

  • Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission - USA
  • Washington State University - USA
  • Oregon State University - USA
  • University of California - USA
  • The Institute of Plant and Food Research - New Zealand
  • AgFirst - New Zealand
  • Institut Jules Guyot - France
  • Serve-Ag Stanthorpe - Australia
  • Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) - France
  • Laimburg - Italy

Independent scientific research

Over the years Extenday products have generated quite a bit of interest in the scientific community. As a consequence, a number of research institutes and universities have independently carried out and published scientific trials on the efficacy of Extenday products including:

  • The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand
  • Department of Fruit Tree and Woody Plant Sciences, University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Department of Biological Sciences, Lancaster University (UK)
  • Institut de Recerca Tecnologies Agroalimentaries (IRTA, Spain)
  • Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation, University of Bonn (Germany)
  • PlanteForsk Ullensvanf Research Centre (Norway)
  • Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture (Poland)
  • Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center, Washington State University (USA)

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