Publications relating to Extenday® products

Below is a list of articles, scientific publications and Extenday field trial documents relating to our products, and how they interact with different crops in the orchard.

Wine grapes

Magazine Articles

Interesting trials at Te Mata Estate. Fruitfed Facts: 2002, Vol 26.

Light enhancement leads to a better wine. Fruitfed Facts: 2002, Vol 24.

Scientific Publications

The effect of a reflective groundcover in berry and wine composition in Cabernet Sauvignon. Spratt A. Master of Science Thesis from the University of Auckland, NZ: 2007.

Reduction of vine vigor in Cabernet Sauvignon (vitis vinifera L) decreases bunch stem necrosis. Pickering A., Warrington I., Wooley D., Wunsche J.N. Acta Horticultrae: 2004, Vol 732.

Effects of three reflective mulches in yield and fruit composition of coastal New England wine grapes. Sandler H., Brock P., Vanden Heuvel J. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture: 2009, Vol 60:3 332 pp 332-338.

Factors affecting the predisposition of 'Cabernet Sauvignon' grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) to the physiological disorder, bunch stem necrosis. Pickering A. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Physiology thesis from Massey University, NZ: 2006.

Reflective mulch effects on the grapevine environment, Pinot noir vine performance, and juice and wine characteristics. Ross O. Master of Applied Science thesis from the Lincoln University, NZ: 2010.

Extenday Field Trial Documents

Extenday reflective cloth - to improve wine quality: 2005.

Extenday reflective groundcover use to improve wine quality: 2001.

Extenday Brochures

DayPillar reflective protective knit fabrics. Extenday product brochure.

Wine grapes. Extenday trial brochure.

Pinot Noir. Extenday trial brochure.

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