Publications relating to Extenday® products

Below is a list of articles, scientific publications and Extenday field trial documents relating to our products, and how they interact with different crops in the orchard.


Magazine Articles

Bessere Fruchtqualitat mit weisser lichtreflektierender Bodenfolie? Widmer A. Obstbau: 2001, pp 470 - 473.

Colouring up Discovery. The Fruit Grower: 1999 pp 20-21.

Increasing profits with Extenday. Fruitfed Facts: 2002, Vol 25.

Kann Reflexionsfolie die Lichtverluste durch Hagelnetze kompensieren? Funke K., Blanke M. Erwerbsobstbau, Heft Apr 2003.

La paccianmatura del meleto con teli riflettenti. Thalheimer M., Paoli N. Frutticoltura: 2001, pp 27-31.

Lichtreflektierende Kunststoff-Folien. Thalheimer M. Sudtiroler Landwirt: 2002.

Pink Lady fait des emules. L'Arboriculture Fruitiere: 2000, 543 pp 34-38.

Plus de lumiere pour plus de couleur. Mathieu V. Reussir Fruits and Legumes: 2000, pp 183.

Quand les vergers s'habillent. L'Arboriculture Fruitiere: Sept 2000, Vol 541 pp 35-36.

Un film reflechissant pour ameliorer la coloration. Infos - Ctifl: 2000, Vol 160 pp 37-38.

Verbesserung der Farbe bei Discovery. Obstbau: 2000, pp 263.

Scientific Publications

Alternatives to reflective mulch cloth (Extenday) for apple under hail net? Blanke M. Scientia Horticulturae: 2008, 116 pp 223 - 226.

Bache plastique reflechissante infuence sur la qualite. L'Arboriculture Fruitiere: Feb 2000, 535 pp 29.

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Can reflective ground cover enhance fruit quality and colouration? Funke K., Blanke M. Journal of Food, Agriculture and the Environment: 2004, Vol 3 (1) pp 203-206.

Efecto de la cobertura de las entrehileras de manzanos con mallas Extenday en Girona. Fundacio Mas Badia - Estacio Experimental Agricola: 2001, 25 pages.

Efecto de las Mallas Refractarias en el Color y Calidad de Manzanas de la variedad Mondial Gala. Alegre S. Jornadas de Experimentacion en Fruticultura: 2002, pp 4.

Overcoming adverse effects on hail nets on fruit quality and microclimate in an apple orchard. Solomakhin A., Blanke M. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture: 2007, Vol 87 pp 2625-2637.

Reflective mulch (Extenday) in fruit orchards - preliminary results. Vangdal E., Meland M. Acta Horticultrae: 2007, Vol 732 pp 665-668.

Some effects of the Extenday growing system on the performance of Discovery managed as in a commercial orchard. Grout B., Abel M., McEwan R., Palmer C. FAST Top Fruit Conference: 2001.

The effect of seasonality, maturity and colour treatments on internal browning in Pink Lady apples. Brown G., Schimanski L., Jennings D. Acta Horticultrae: 2004, Vol 682.

The effects of reflective ground film on fruit color, quality, canopy light distribution, and profitability of Mondial Gala apples. Iglesias I., Alegre S. HortTechnology: 2009, Vol 19 (3) pp 488-498.

The positive influence of year-round reflective mulch on apple yield and quality in commercial orchards. Grout B., Beale C., Johnson T. Acta Horticultrae: 2004, Vol 636.

Impact of reflective groundcover on growth, flowering, yield and fruit quality in Gala apples in New Brunswick. Priv J., Russell L and LeBlanc A. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: 2011.

Modificación de las condiciones ambientales para la mejora de la calidad de diferentes variedades de manzana (Malus domestica Borkh.). English title: Modifying the natural environment in apples. Castellarnau I. Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA): 2001-2003.

Heijastavat Katteet Omenanviljelyssä. (In Finnish) English title: Reflective margins. Hirvikoski, J. Bachelor’s thesis University of Applied Sciences, Finland: 2013.

Effects of orchard mulching with reflective mulch on apple tree canopy irradiation and fruit quality. Mika A., Treder W., Buler Z., Rutkowski K., Michalska B. Journal of Fruit and Ornamental Plant Research: 2007, Vol 15 pp 41-53.

Effects of Extenday on light levels, quality and fruit characteristics of 'Honeycrisp' apples. Crassweller, R., Decoteau, D., Smith, D., Ball, L., and Isenberg, B. Penn State, College of Agricultural Science; 2008, poster.

Managing open field production of perennial horticultural crops with technological innovations. Blanke, M. INRES - Horticultural Science, University of Bonn, Germany: 2010.

Extenday Field Trial Documents

Harvest the light. Prive J., Fava E., LeBlanc A. Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Center Report to Extenday: 2001.

The effect of Extenday overhead netting on color development in HoneyCrisp. Jackman, R. Extenday technical report, 2010.

The effect of Extenday reflective mulch on the yield and timing of harvest of Royal Gala apples, and in controlling western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande)). Tancred S. Serve-Ag Report to Extenday: 2004, 22 pages.

The impact of application timing of Extenday reflective groundcover fabrics on fruit coloration, quality and yield in a high yielding Gala block. Jackman R. Extenday technical report, 2010.

Using DayBright with Buckeye Gala apples: The impact of long term usage of DayBright on the production and quality of apples in a high density Buckeye Gala orchard. Extenday technical bulletin #1.

Using DayBright with Fuji apples: the impact of application timing of DayBright on the production and quality of apples in a v trellis Fuji orchard. Extenday technical bulletin #4.

Using DayBright and DayWhite with Gala apples: the impact of short term usage on the coloration and finish of Crimison Gala apples in a high density orchard. Extenday technical bulletin #3.

Using DayBright with Granny Smith apples: the impact of a flowering to harvest application of DayBright on the production and quality of apples in a maturing v trellis Granny Smith orchard. Extenday technical bulletin #9.

Using DayBright with HoneyCrisp apples: the impact of long term usage of DayBright on the production and quality of apples in a HoneyCrisp orchard with biannual cropping tendencies. Extenday technical bulletin #2.

Using DayBright with Red Delicious apples: the impact of a flowering to harvest application of DayBright on the production and quality of apples in a mature medium density Red Delicious orchard. Extenday technical bulletin #11.

Use of DayBright to accelerate and enhance fruit production in a newly established Granny Smith block. Jackman, R. Extenday Technical report, 2008.

DayHex pigment type and fruit coloration in HoneyCrisp Extenday technical bulletin #13.

Extenday Brochures

Buckeye Gala. Extenday trial brochure.

Crimson Gala. Extenday trial brochure.

Fuji Apples. Extenday trial brochure.

Granny Smith. Extenday trial brochure.

HoneyCrisp. Extenday trial brochure.

Red Delicious. Extenday trial brochure.

Royal Gala. Extenday trial brochure.

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