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Extenday® is a premium supplier of advanced horticultural fabric and netting products tailored for use in horticulture.

By incorporating advanced technologies with polymer and pigment chemistry, textile and biological know-how, our products are designed to enhance fruit production and quality, helping growers improve their returns and profitability. Our company provides a premium service to all our clients.

This includes:

  • Providing advice and recommendations on the best product fit for each individuals requirements, to include site visits
  • Full personalized sales support
  • Ongoing technical and on site field support
  • Access to our technical resource database

Technology behind our products

Extenday is not just an ordinary supplier of fabrics and netting products. Our products are designed specifically for horticulture using cutting edge technologies coupled with sound horticultural and plant physiology knowledge. The result is a better, stronger plant response. For example, our reflective fabrics are designed to reflect light in a way that the plant can best utilize it and our weed suppression mats utilize special technologies to allow increased air and water movement which aids in maintaining soil health. To develop our products we have a strong in-house research and development team where we vigorously test new products before commercial release to ensure they perform consistently to expectations. We also use independent research providers to validate our performance claims to give our clients peace of mind that our products work the way we say they will.

Our history

With over 30 years of experience, New Zealand researcher Jonathan Toye saw that one of the major limitations commonly found in orchards is that there isn't enough light getting through to the whole canopy causing fruit quality and production to often suffer as a consequence. To combat this issue the company Extenday was formed with the introduction of a new type of reflective fabric that aided improved fruit quality and productivity by increasing the amount of light available in the orchard. Use of Extenday reflective fabric produced dramatic results which gained acceptance with growers in regions as diverse as Hawke's Bay in New Zealand, South Tirol in Italy, Sevilla in Spain, Provence in France, Columbia Basin in Washington State, USA, Curico in Chile, Kent in England and Goulburn Valley in Australia. Over the years Extenday has evolved from a supplier of advanced reflective groundcovers to a supplier of a full range of advanced horticultural fabrics including weed suppression fabrics, protective and shade netting and rain exclusion fabrics, whist continuing to provide quality service and support to our clients.

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Company Founder

Extenday was founded by Jonathan Toye, a research scientist, who with over 30 years experience in the horticultural industry saw a need for better solutions for growers.

Jonathan's innovative design approach coupled with a drive to produce truly beneficial products is reflected in Extenday's current product line up. Today, Jonathan is the CEO of Extenday and even with his busy schedule of running the company, he can still be found in and around orchards providing support and advice to growers.